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Since 2003 I've been working in Tartu International School mainly as a Math teacher, which was my major at the University of Tartu. Tartu International School is a basic school in the Estonian school system, we also use International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.  Integrating the technology more to teaching and learning occurred a need for support. In 2018 I graduated master's in Educational Technology at the University of Tartu and now I'm besides being a Math teacher also an educational technologist of our school.


Tatia Johnson

I graduated from the EdTech MA from the University of Tartu in 2020. My thesis focused on an online teachers' community. I enjoyed the topic and now continue researching it as a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge. I am interested in peer learning, communities of practice, and discussions about digital technology both as a tool for education and communication.

I am a mother of 2 school-aged children and have to often come up with creative ways to share our family devices with the kids when schools go online. Then I have to make sure laundry piles don't appear on the screens. I also work full-time in an international organization and became a professional in merging office work with learning by listening to MOOCs through headphones so my colleagues do not notice it.

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Primla Williamson

I am an experienced Biomedical Science Educator with specialization in Haematology, who taught using Traditional and Cooperative Learning strategies blended with the Moodle platform. I am adept at research and data analysis and enjoy deriving knowledge from data.

I am also a certified Academic Quality Auditor who possesses a penchant for detecting breaches and implementing strategies for adherence to policies and best practices.

As an Educational Technologist, diagnosing the gaps present in tertiary education and designing educational solutions to bridge them (especially) in remote learning is another goal. Developing practices to promote self-regulated and lifelong learning in curricula is another goal.