About the event


  • Can you imagine a school where children make the rules?

  • Where for every major decision, children and teachers get together and vote?

  • Where each student's vote has the same weight as their teachers?

  • Where even attendance to the lessons is not mandatory?


Such schools really exist. They are called democratic schools.


On the 29th of May at 11AM (GMT+3), you will have a chance to listen and ask questions to Charlie Moreno-Romero who will be representing one such school in Estonia.


Charlie is the head of studies at Suvemäe, which is a democratic branch of Tallinna Kusntigümnaasium. Charlie has an MA in anthropology and a Ph.D. in democratic education and social justice and has been studying this topic for many years. He is also an interesting speaker and will be happy to answer your questions.


The event is organized by Tartu EdTech Community, which is a group of former, current, and future students of an MA in Educational Technology at the University of Tartu.


Please, follow the event page https://fb.me/e/Xo7KIYua , we will share with you some interesting resources to keep you curious before the event.

This is the first event of the series "Reimagining Education". We think of "what if" scenarios, ask questions, and find people to talk about them. Invite your friends, teachers, parents, and everyone who is interested in education to join us in reimagining a better world.

P.s. it's online, just like everything else today 🙂 

See you there!


Tartu edtech