Primla Williamson-Munroe

An Educator with 16 years tertiary educational experience in theoretical and practical knowledge of Haematology, using Traditional and Cooperative Learning strategies blended with an on-line teaching platform (Moodle). Versatile in teaching to large audiences as well as individualized tutoring with an aptitude for research. Adept at research and data analysis, I enjoy deriving knowledge from data.

As a certified Academic Quality Auditor with 3 years active experience participating in internal academic quality audits, I possess a penchant for detecting breaches and implementing strategies for compliance/conformance with a meticulous hand.

As an Educational Technologist, diagnosing the educational gaps present and designing solutions to bridge these gaps (especially) in remote learning is another goal; practices to promote self-regulated and lifelong learning in clients while meeting their EdTech needs is another goal.

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