Educational Change in Times of Rapid Technological Innovation is an intensive online course designed to provide an opportunity for learners to examine the development of technology-enhanced teaching and learning. Furthermore, stimulate conversations to re-imagine teaching as well as learning in times of the digital transformation. The e-course aims to empower people to re-imagine modern teaching practices and follow the transformation of education. That is even more urgent in an hopefully post-covid world, in which we may have successfully learned some important lessons.


The Educational Technology programme is a 1-year online programme designed to provide an opportunity for professional development to people who are working or plan to work in positions that involve teaching and wish to use educational technology more effectively in their work.


Our community got mentioned in Falling Walls Engage Newsletter on April 28, 2021 as cited below:
"Estonia & beyond: Tartu EdTech community
This new Estonian-based international community - co-launched by 2020 Engage Finalist Marwa Soudi - welcomes enthusiasts to gather, exchange ideas and experiences. This group is run by the University of Tartu Educational Technology Master's program alumni and students."