EdTest Estonia 2021

           Date: August 14




We are aiming to provide a space where the educators and the EdTech companies can come together and share their perspectives and experiences in order to improve the EdTools and to enrich the teaching practices around the world:

  • Companies will have a chance to present their products, have them tested in different environments nationally and internationally and most importantly receive a report based on the teachers’ feedback collected after the field test.

  • Educators will be introduced to the latest developments in the world of EdTech. They will be able to try different tools and take them back to their schools/academies/universities for a test. They would be able to find some tools that can help them solve some of their daily struggles at their workplace. They also would be invited to give detailed feedback to the companies concerning the further improvement and adjustment of the tool in order for it to be more effective. 

EdTest is conducted in two phases:



Phase one is the matchmaking phase between companies and teachers during summer and the first trial of their product/tool (August 14, 2021).



Phase two is after the beginning of a school year to make it possible for the educators to test the solutions that they are interested in and give their in-depth feedback to the companies on their experience with the tool (upon agreement: during 1 day/1 week/2 weeks in September-October 2021).

Price: Free of charge.


For EdTech Companies




  • Achieve international impact and new market

  • Approach new prospective customers


  • Present your product

  • Test your concepts

  • Harvest new ideas

  • Run a field test in an international context 

  • Receive valid and extensive feedback 

For Schools / Educators



  • Meet other educators and make connections

  • Try out the newest products on EdTech market

  • Take the tool that you enjoyed to your own context (school, classroom) and try it out with your own students

  • Give expert feedback on the tool

  • Have a say regarding the modification of the tool




Registration is now closed

For more information contact:

Marwa Soudi


Anastasia Chuneva

Phase One: Matchmaking Day

​We are happy to announce that the First Matchmaking Phase of the EdTest Estonia 2021 Event has been completed!

Over 60 participants worldwide, 20 edtech companies from Estonia, Poland, New Zealand, Lithuania, Belgium, Egypt, Australia, Ireland, Switzerland and France have presented their EdTools. 

Check now videos of the participating

EdTech companies


Selected participants were contacted via email for an orientation session before the event.

The orientation session took place

14 July, 2021 for COMPANIES
14 July, 2021 for EDUCATORS

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