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Tartu EdTech


Welcome to Tartu EdTech Community!


Educational Technology is becoming from year to year more important in the lifelong learning process. We need to learn how to enhance the learning process using innovative methods for applying educational technologies.

EdTech Masters programme in Tartu is providing all of this by connecting experienced practitioners all over the world with the academic EdTech community at the University of Tartu. We build a community that is meant to be last.

Therefore, a website connecting our people is very useful. However, it might be also a site to connect us with all people who might be interested in collaboration with us.


Margus Pedaste, Head of  the Centre for Educational Technology of the Institute of Education at the University of Tartu


The Tartu EdTech community is the place where to practice and encourage the convivial use of educational technology.


Emanuele Bardone, Director of the Master's programme in Educational Technology, University of  Tartu